Public awareness campaigns

The El Dorado County Opioid Coalition (EDCOC) is pleased to promote the "Your Pain is Real. So Are the Risks."public awareness campaign sponsored by the California Department of Public Health CDPH).


The campaign encourages patients to talk to their health care providers about safe pain management options and promotes a website that provides additional information about opioid addiction. 

The objectives of the campaign are to 1) increase awareness about the dangers of prescription pain medications that contain opioids, 2) encourage patients to talk to their doctors and pharmacists about safe pain management options, 3) provide information about local treatment resources for addiction, 4) reduce stigma associated with opioid addiction and overdose, and 5) promote safe storage and disposal of medications.

For more information regarding this campaign, please visit CDPH's website at:

For treatment information, please call (800) 662-4357

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